Monday, March 6, 2017

turning tummies

So! Sunday we went & walked through the home. It was everything we wanted & thought it would be. Whew! What a relief! It's a darling home (& clean, which made me very happy). The yard is a dream come true, & if we get it (we find out tomorrow) I can already picture our family playing outside all year long, seriously! There's a hallway in the home, so if you're standing by the doors that go out to the backyard, you can see it leads from the laundry room to the kitchen & then to the family room. My brain just imagined our boys running down the hallway screaming and yelling. It made my heart flutter a little! We didn't want it to be too good to be true, but honestly I have such a comforting feeling about this, I think it'll work out! & if not, I know it's not the place we are supposed to be. My stomach is turning with excitement & my husbands is turning because of nervousness that we won't get it. We actually made a bet! I said we would get it, & he guessed otherwise. $25 is on the line & I can't wait to accept my payment tomorrow! I do though worry about my little Rilo bug. He loves our home now, & I completely understand that we cannot live here forever. Especially because currently we share a room with our youngest. But it still makes my mama heart hurt knowing that he will be sad leaving our current place. I have a whole month to pray extra hard for him to feel completely comfortable in the new house.
My husband made me watch The Visit with him tonight. Yikes!!!! I told him if I could get me a sodalicious I would watch it with him. He happily said "yes". I don't know what I was thinking. I hate scary movies. As scary as it was, there were a few parts that made me belly laugh. However, no more scary movies for me! They make me scream & sweat & I can't stop thinking about anything scary afterwards. 
I have to go now. I'm in bed and sonny is starting to cry. I'm excited for us to have our own room again! We will know for sure if that's happening tomorrow. Can't wait!!!
                calm as a clam↓             nervous nelly

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