Saturday, March 4, 2017

Hi it's us!

Hi! I'm currently talking to myself. So technically it's just Hi to myself. My brain is racing tonight, partly because of my 44oz just friends from sodalicious & another part because we happened to find a home that would be perfect for our little family & we are walking through it tomorrow!!!! Anyway, Hi Madeleine (that's me). Over the years I've had multiple blogs and tonight I dusted some of them off & was so happy I did!!! My blogs truly served as a journal, which I am awful at & wish I was a lot better. Hand exhausted is a real deal. I am so glad I had those blogs previously because I had written down so many things I have forgotten about, which were actually important to me. So here it goes, another blog. Im wishing myself some luck because i really want this one to stick.
Like i said, tomorrow we get to go look through that home. My stomach is all knotted because I want it to work out so badly. We're coming on three years in our current town home. It worked great when it was just my husband, me, & our little rilo. But sweet sonny came along quickly after and he's now a one year old sharing a room with his parents! I've tacked up sheets so he can't see us, but he's a little genius and knows we are in there with him & will scream his darling head off until I get him out of bed. We just need something that's affordable, but will also accommodate with our growing family. Which this is house completely does! It even has a fenced yard(!!!!!!!!!) which I have been begging for a year now. We are doing a walk through tomorrow after church & I can hardly wait!

Also, Hi it's us! Meaning Hi! It's Madeleine, Karson, Rilo, & Sonny.

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